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different story. The walls of the roughly 330-foot-tunnel are glassy and aquamarine: The visitors who bundle up in sweaters and boots and pay six or nine Swiss Francs

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The glacier’s exterior is a murky white, verging on gray, with patches of brown from the dirt and rocks it has picked up on its plodding journey—but inside, it’s a

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mass, striped with damp earth. Since the late 1800s, they have even been able to step inside. Some 600 feet from the Hotel Belvédère, in the hamlet of Gletsch, a grotto has been freshly drilled into the ice each year.

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He certainly wasn’t alone in his awe. Because the Rhône glacier is reachable on a relatively undemanding trek, and readily accessible via the Furka Pass road, it has long drawn visitors who come to marvel at the cold

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above it. He swooned over the “innumerable plates of mica” that “spangled the fine sand which the river brought down,” and observed that “these, mixing with the water, flash[ed] like minute mirrors.”

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poetry in the peaks. He marveled at the milky blue color of the sediment-strewn water where the Rhône River fed into Lake Geneva, ferrying bits of silt from the glacier

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lover, wound through the mountains in the 1850s, in an exhaustive quest to document their icy landscapes. Tyndall was propelled there by science, but found

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Alpine ice has long captivated the people who have stood next to it. John Tyndall, an esteemed Irish physicist, rambling mountaineer, and avowed glacier

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the Swiss Alps were the place to do it. But as the world warms, their frozen swaths are struggling.

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FOR YEARS, IF YOU WANTED to get up close to a glacier—to feel the cold lift off the ice, to hear the water wending through rivulets and groaning beneath the surface

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