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poetry in the peaks. He marveled at the milky blue color of the sediment-strewn water where the Rhône River fed into Lake Geneva, ferrying bits of silt from the glacier

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30 oktober 2019 08:43 av https://hansolel.co.kr/coin/


lover, wound through the mountains in the 1850s, in an exhaustive quest to document their icy landscapes. Tyndall was propelled there by science, but found

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Alpine ice has long captivated the people who have stood next to it. John Tyndall, an esteemed Irish physicist, rambling mountaineer, and avowed glacier

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the Swiss Alps were the place to do it. But as the world warms, their frozen swaths are struggling.

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30 oktober 2019 08:36 av https://hansolel.co.kr/theking/


FOR YEARS, IF YOU WANTED to get up close to a glacier—to feel the cold lift off the ice, to hear the water wending through rivulets and groaning beneath the surface

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30 oktober 2019 08:31 av https://hansolel.co.kr/


Take a look at a selection of our favorite submissions below, and if you have an amazing fountain of your own that you’d like to recommend, head over to the forums and keep the conversation going!

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30 oktober 2019 08:19 av https://99man.kr


recently asked Atlas Obscura readers in our Community forums to tell us about the most unforgettable fountains they’ve ever seen, and the responses were stunning.

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30 oktober 2019 08:17 av https://99man.kr/mart47


incorporate a mess of baroque statuary, fire streams of water high into the sky, or look like something from the far-off future—are often mesmerizing to behold.

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30 oktober 2019 08:16 av https://99man.kr/mart46


But at the same time, some of the world’s most appealing public fountains are, shall we say, not very chill in terms of design. Dramatic water features—whether they

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30 oktober 2019 08:15 av https://99man.kr/mart43


DURING HOT SUMMER MONTHS, WHEN the pavement is boiling and the air gets thick, a nice big fountain can be a perfect place to chill out and cool down.

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